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 Chatbox Rules

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PostSubject: Chatbox Rules   Chatbox Rules EmptySat Sep 10, 2011 12:22 pm

Chatbox Rules:

These are the rules for the people that abuse the Chatbox. So be warned we have no tolerance for those people.
#1 Absolutely NO SPAM of any kind
#2 Please keep your comments appropriate
#3 NO outside links (without permission)
#4 Absolutely NO double-posting
#5 Be Respectful to everyone including Administrators,Moderators,Testers, and Students

When you do not follow one or many of these rules, this is what could happen depending on the severity of the broken rule!

First Offence= A Warning
Second Offence= 1 Day Ban
Third Offence= 2-3 Day Ban (depending of the severity)
Fourth-Fifth Offence(s)= 7 Day Ban
Six+ Offences= An IP Ban

If an Administrator or Moderator should fail to follow one of these rules this is what would happen.

Strike 1: Warning
Strike 2: Temporary (1-7 Day; based on severity) Demotion
Strike 3: A Permanent Demotion

During temporary and permanent demotion they're obligated to follow the regular rules, and will face the respective punishments.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Chatbox Rules Rirsx3
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Chatbox Rules
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