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 Duel Arena Dorm Competition

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PostSubject: Duel Arena Dorm Competition    Sat Sep 24, 2011 6:15 pm

This competition is between dorms , its like a dorm challenge ,every point someone of a dorm gains in the Duel Arena will be added to his dorm total points and after 1 month the dorm with the highest points wins and they will be the dorm of the month.

- every month

- Staff can't join this event only, Slifer Red, Ra Yellow, Obelisk Blue, Core Black, and Chaos White members can join
- Banned Decks: stall,instant win,exodia and mill decks
- No banned cards

-300 CDA points to everyone in the winning dorm but only for those who dueled
-10 experiences for the winning dorm members but only for those who dueled

Extra NOTICE!: in your mind you might say Chaos White dorm will win well let me tell you this if you be active and win duels in duel arena and all your dorm do the same your dorm will win, Slifer Red, Ra Yellow, Obelisk Blue, and Core Black have the same chances of winning as the Chaos White Dorm.

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Duel Arena Dorm Competition
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