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 Tester Guideline's

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PostSubject: Tester Guideline's   Tester Guideline's EmptyThu Oct 06, 2011 4:40 pm

Your a tester and you need to follow these rules.

1. Be kind, do not disrespect people on how they duel.
2. When testing, make some mistakes to see if they notice.
3. You are allowed to moderate the Test Results and the Test Room.
4. Use our testing system, after you are done testing use that system to decide where a member belongs.
5. No matter how badly you care. Do not give any special treatment to members. Meaning if someone got slifer, thats it.
6. Retests cost 300-500 Points, depending on your dorm.
7. When the user is done testing and gets there results make a room for them and congratulate them.
8. You are required to use your own decks. One needs to be normal, the other easy and the other hard. You use the normal deck, if they win use the harder deck if they lose use the easy deck. This will help determine test results.
9. Enjoy being a Tester

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Tester Guideline's
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