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 Academy Rules

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PostSubject: Academy Rules   Academy Rules EmptyFri Sep 09, 2011 5:08 pm


1. Do not spam. We do not like people spamming here, so try to stay on topic.
2. Rude behavior is not tolerated, treat people how you wish to be treated.
3. No backseat moderating, meaning do not tell us where things belong.
4. Double posting within 24 hours is not allowed. Only admins and moderators are allowed to double post.
5. No chatting in forums, meaning that 2-3 persons just talk to each other
6. Copyrighting is not allowed, who ever made your deck or signature please give them credit. Do not say you made it.
7. Necro posting: this is like reviving a dead topic like a topic that didnt have a conversation for about a few months or year.
8. Points, we have a point system here and if you have no points do not beg for them, all points are earned. You get 100 points when you join. You can earn points by dueling in the duel arena against other members.
9. Speak english on the site. We do this because we do would not know what you are saying.
10. No Advertising. If I see advertising and you are not affiliated with us you will be warned the first time, and second time means you get banned.
11. You are not allowed to have more then one account on here, if we find out you do that newer account will be deleted.
12. Do not ask for any personal information.
13. Get a Avatar, it shows me you read this, and it makes the site not so ugly. To do this you go to your Profile then you will see Information, Preference, Signature, etc. Then click Avatar and then upload a image that's not too big.

Warning Rules.

For minor mistakes you will receive a "verbal" warning which doesn't
count in your profile. Doing the same mistake will cause in a real

1st warning: You just get a warning.
2nd warning: We will take half of you CDA points away.
3rd warning: Ban for a day.
4th warning: Ban for 7 days, and all CDA points will be taken away.
5th warning: IP Ban.

Things you need to know and have.
When you take your test, you will use 3 decks in 3 different duels, and you cannot use the following decks: OTK, FTK, Stall, Burn, Exodia, RFG, and Dark World

Academy Rules Rirsx3
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Academy Rules
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